My Weight Struggles

A Photo Journey of my Weight Struggles

My Struggles:  2003

During college I ate way too much Taco Bell, processed foods, Lipton Noodles, Pop Tarts, and pizza. I never took the time to buy healthy foods because most healthy foods need to be prepared and cost more money. I needed foods that I could scarf down quickly and since I shopped at the mall way too often, my grocery budget was low. Which resulted in major weight gain, I'm 5'9" and I weighed 177 pounds!

J and I at a wedding in 2003, were were dating.

Weighing 177 pounds on my wedding day.


March 2005
We welcome our first daughter into the world. I gained 38 pounds during my first pregnancy. I did not exercise at all.

 Pregnancy is rough on me, but worth welcoming baby M!

January 2007
We welcome our second daughter into the world, I gained only 27 pounds during my second pregnancy.

 We welcome our second daughter baby A.

October 2007
Nine months postpartum, I lost the pregnancy pounds and was continuing to shed pounds. I was fed up and ready for change. I decided to start running, I ran my first ever race on November 3rd- took me 31 minutes and 37 seconds to complete my first 5K.

 May 2007
My husband I ran our first ever Half Marathon.

I kept running and started eating more well balanced meals, I continued to run races and even started biking and swimming. In a year I ran a half marathon,  seven 5K races, one sprint triathlon, one 4 miler race, and a 3 mile obstacle mud run. I weighed 160 pounds.

Completed three half marathons in a little over a month, several 5K's, and maintained my weight at 160 pounds.

September 2009
Hubby and I went on a weekend get away to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and found out we were expecting baby number 3!

April 2010
Daughter number 3 arrives! I gained 47 pounds during this pregnancy. I worked out most of my pregnancy until boot camp sent me into preterm labor at 30 weeks and then I had to stop. She arrived 3 weeks early.

About to burst!

Lil' Bit spent a week in the NICU, she is thriving now.

March 2011:
 After daughter number three arrived I got back into exercising and running as soon as I could and returned to my 160 pound pre-pregnancy weight by the time she was three months old. Then I decided to take on a new challenge and signed up for our local YMCA's A Better Weigh Challenge. An 8 week challenge competing with others to drop the most weight and win by percentage lost. In 8 weeks I gave up meat, dairy, and processed foods- I lost 18 pounds and won the competition!! Since then I have ran a 10 mile race and a 5 mile race, where I actually PR'd! 

 Now I'm continuing to exercise and watch my food consumption. I cook more meals, devour fruits and veggies, and simply try to eat for health not pleasure. I would like to lose more weight, but I'm also content with my current weight and loving buying size 6 clothing!!  My current weight is 144, my goal is 135. I'm 31 years old and 5' 9"