Friday, June 17, 2011

Debunk Your Funk

Are you feeling better? Why yes, thank you so much for asking! 

Nothing beats a GOOD RUN! It's a great way to Debunk Your funk!

I laced up my Saucony's and set out to pound some pavement. I wasn't in the mood for my iTunes - instead I listened to Pandora. It was a bit muggy, so I just ran my 5K loop.

My view when I start out every run leaving my neighborhood. 

I love being drenched in sweat, it feels so cleansing. Nothing like expelling some toxins right out of your pores! Like my running headband? I love them, they really do not slip! This one is a Chica Band, I also have a Sweaty Band, and Deshler Designs bands. Deshler Designs is an Etsy seller, her bands are cheaper and actually my favorite.

Always stretch after a run, your body thanks you! I stretch and admire my little Picasso's sidewalk chalk gallery.

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