Friday, June 17, 2011

Herbivore vs. Carnivore

Being a fairly new vegetarian hasn't been challenging at home, but large gatherings outside of our home is a whole nother story

I live in the Mid-West for gosh sakes, I'm surrounded by livestock farmers. Growing up as a kid every dinner contained some form of meat -- my parents love fillets, chicken, turkey, and pork. Tomorrow we're heading to my brother's home to celebrate my Moms 35 years of educating our youth and congratulating her on her recent retirement. Everyone will be there, aunts, uncles, cousins, the whole gang. I haven't told my family that I'm a veggie lover, my husband obviously knows and I have told my mom (her response was, "Won't your hair fall out?")  -- but everyone else is clueless. Oddly I try to hide this, not because I'm not a proud vegetarian-- but because I don't want to deal with the debate that will follow. I don't want to argue with my family members about why Americans aren't healthy and why there's a huge increase in heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. I'm passionate about making healthy choices for myself and my family, but I really dread confrontation as well. I love my family and want them to be happy healthy individuals with low LDL's -- but I also believe there is a time and a place for hot topics.

Tomorrow I'll be packing some healthy snacks for the car ride and I'm hopeful there will be a veggie tray and fresh fruit. I might even stash a Larabar in my diaper bag for a quick snack while changing Lil' Bit's diaper in another room.

It's a good thing Thanksgiving is five months away, I need the time to figure this all out.

Do you hide your healthy eating from others? 
Do you think I should be more loud and proud?

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