Thursday, June 16, 2011

Breakfast of Champions!

This morning I whipped up my nutritious packed Vegan Smoothie Bowl.
I love making smoothly bowls and typically eat one every morning. They are so big and smooth, I feel like I'm eating dessert for breakfast--which I really wish I could--but then I would be large again.

Vegan Smoothie Bowl

Vega Whole Food Optimizer Berry Flavor, this powder is packed full of plant based whole foods. It packs a punch, you can read more about it here.You'll see it's not cheap, but I believe that medical bills are also not cheap, so my health comes first.

 Toss in some frozen mixed berries, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry. 
I also add some frozen banana slices and sprinkle in Chia seeds.

One big heaping handful of fresh spinach.

A little xanthum gum for thickening and your choice of non dairy milk. 
Today I used coconut milk, it' my new favorite.
I use my awesome Vitamix blender, love that thing! 
You'll have to add milk as needed.

Check out that Berry Thick Creamy Goodness
It's like eating a cold thick creamy pudding.

Then I like to sprinkle a 1/4 C. of Whole Foods
Hemp Granola for a little crunch. 

What's your favorite go to Breakfast of Champions?

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