Sunday, June 19, 2011

Here's to the Dads!

Here's to my three favorite men, my dad, my husband, and my brother. Happy Father's Day to three wonderful men!

 My husband is such a great daddy to his three little princess's. He's not one of those men that feels he has to have a son, he's in love with his little girls. He can be found sipping tea at a tea party, pretending to be Prince Charming at the Royal Ball, has had bows in his hair, tiaras on his head, and even allows them to apply a little lip gloss from time to time. He loves his girls with all of his heart, we're blessed to have him.

Growing up my dad was always the fun one and would allow me to get away with more. He would always say "yes" when I knew my mom would say "no". He taught me how to play tennis and basketball, we spent many nights on our bball court playing pig and horse. He taught my how to ride my bike, walk on stilts, and drive a car. I love seeing my little girls walk hand in hand with my dad, their tiny hands in his is priceless.

My brother is a fantastic father as well. He has two sons and a daughter and they are his world. He's a busy hands on dad, playing basketball and football with the boys and hitting the tennis courts with his daughter. He can be strict, but he's really a big marshmallow inside. I wish I could post a picture of him, but he is a federal agent and won't allow me to post his picture on the internet for security reasons.

Happy Father's Day to all the the wonderful Father's out there and also a Happy Father's Day to all of the single mother's who also wear the Father Hat.

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