Monday, June 27, 2011

Mixing it Up!

Sorry for the little hiatus, sometimes life just gets busy.
I have been struggling a little... I'm usually so happy but lately have been a bit down. I know it all stems from being a stay at home mom, which can be very lonely. I love my three kiddos dearly and love that I am able to stay home, but I'm human and still get lonely. That and we live in a small boring community.

My husband and I have been tossing around the idea of moving. I am all for it, but a move would mean my hubby would have to commute about an hour. Anyone have any commuting advice?

Oh the struggles! We will figure it all out...I hope ;)

Mixing it UP!

I love running, in fact it's typically my main form of exercise. I'm known to get into a comfortable routine and forget to mix it up. So my main focus last week and this week is to shock my body. What I've been doing is implementing pilates, yoga, and today I went to a kick ass boot camp class.

Oh my thighs were burning, but I surprisingly felt strong while doing squats and cardio. Once we started busting out push ups and planks I realized that is my weakness.

Makes sense; of course my legs and cardiovascular system felt strong with all the running I do. It's not like you see someone running with weights above their head. Ooh maybe I should try that sometime. I need to start doing more planks and push ups, that's for sure!

What do you do to mix up your routine??


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